Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

New Year’s Resolution (again)

I can do this!

Well, it’s been 5 years since my last post on my own blog. I was really ambitious when Justice and Jasmine were born. I wanted to chronicle every movement, experience, and laughter they had. Then there’s Sophia. Enough said. But what has really has taken over my time and effort of documenting life events was/is Facebook.

What used to take an hour or so to create a nice and tidy post here, only takes seconds with Facebook and I can do it wherever and whenever. I can do it from my Surface tablet or my iPhone or just be tagged by someone else’s Facebook post.

But after looking at my blog I have decided to pick this up again. My timeline won’t be drowned out by my other interests, likes, and what have you. Just me, my thoughts, my life! A Dad’s Diary.

As far as my New Year’s resolution I already know what I want/need to do. Some of which I have already started.

  • Exercise – it’s currently 1/23/19 and so far I have used my Peloton bike 3 times. That’s a good streak lol.
  • Family time – while the kids have their electronics to keep them busy, I will make it a point to limit their usage to 2 hour max. each session. If they want more time, like on the weekends, they will have to work for it. Cleaning the office or bedrooms is a good start followed by a kiss on my cheek for good measure. That will teach them!
  • Diet – as much as a foodie as I think I am, I need to slow it down. Healthier choices at least during the week lol
  • Bills – like most everyone I have to somehow cut this down and re-evaluate every other month. I can rely on bonus’ or tax returns forever.

This will be a good start. We will see how the rest of the year goes. Follow me on Facebook for other exciting updates.



Just a wanna be blogger. Father of twins +1. Caviar dreams on a McDonald's budget.

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