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Family Valentines

Over the years my wife and I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family instead of a couple.  There was one year, however, where we got a baby sitter, then had a date night, not sure it was on Valentine’s or not, but it was just weird without the kids.

We are so used to talking to the kids, making sure they are eating their food, telling them to calm down, saying to no toys at the table, etc. that when it’s just us two and it’s super quite, it’s just ‘different’, like something is missing.

For occasions that are normally or traditionally meant for two people, we expand the occasion to our kids.  We include them in our anniversaries, trips to wineries, and basically anywhere and everywhere.  

This Valentines was no different.  For dinner I prepared everyone’s favorite, grilled salmon served with angel hair pasta with parmesan cheese. This time I also added some oven roasted asparagus.

I’d normally just get a Valentine’s gift for my wife, but this year I got roses and flowers for her and the kids. Not quite the romantic dinner, but dinner and family no less. We pretty much end most nights with a nice movie while finishing a glass of wine.

No wine for the kids, but more computer time for them until our movie is done. This is probably true for most days not just special occasions lol.

Not only is family Valentine’s fun, but also cost effective!



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