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New Beginnings (Restore)

Jasmine at Panera

Jasmine at Panera

Justice and Jasmine are about to hit their 8-month milestone.  I say it’s a milestone because this month has been a month of changes, not because it’s a milestone number.  The changes include improved sleeping habits, better appetite of baby foods, and longer periods of playtime.  These changes give us some relief so we can have a more balanced home and social life.

In my previous post I talked about Justice’s eczema.  Through this whole experience we had to change our routine.  The end result is that Justice is now more comfortable.  He’s more comfortable during the day and more restful during the night.

What’s new to this mix is that lately Justice has been turning over onto his stomach.  We’ve been worried that he might suffocate himself so we have removed most blankets and other threats from his crib.  This week alone I woke up in worry and had to see how he was during through the night.  To help with my worries I loosened his swaddle before going to sleep so he could later escape from it and use his arms to prop himself up when he turns down.  This seemed to work.

Jasmine has a little more work to do in this area.  She still gets up at night, but because she is breast feed, Ebru is right there to comfort her as needed.  She fortunately does not have eczema like Justice.  Jasmine also still have some trouble sleeping during the day.  Somehow she doesn’t like the dark if it is not night time.  Even while driving, if I pass under a overpass, she will kinda freak out and open her eyes wider as if that will make it brighter lol.

Feeding time has been interesting.  Now that I have been home because of my foot surgery, I have been able to observe their eating habits more consistently.  What is new here is that we have been introducing them to the next stage of food, which is dinner baby food.  This would be stuff like sweet potato and turkey,  vegetables and chicken, or turkey and rice.  For the most part, Justice eats the new baby food without too much of a fight.  For this we are very happy.  It is what we expected when they were at 6 months.  Hopefully, this will continue when I go back to work on Monday.

Jasmine on the other hand is tight lipped.  If she doesn’t like the flavor of the food, she won’t open her mouth.  No matter if we try to make her laugh, she will laugh and smile, but with her mouth closed.  We have to prey her mouth open with the spoon.  She is very smart in this regard.  She definitely won’t do something she doesn’t want to do.  I hope it’s a trait she’ll carry on through adulthood.

All we have to say is thank God for Baby Einstein and all the different baby jumper toy makers out there.  Without these devices, we would not be half as sane as we are today.  Since Justice and Jasmine have been able to sit up, they can now watch videos or sit on the floor and play.  We’ve been wanting this for awhile now.  It’s still not perfect, but at this stage we will take 5 minutes more than what we had before which was nothing.  I guess we’ll have to take baby steps before we can get to 1/2 hour without any crying or complaining.  The thing about both of them is that when they see Ebru they both cry.  Not in a bad way, but in a ‘hey pick me up’ way.  We’ll  have to work on breaking that dependency.

With all these new changes and with the improved weather, we have been able to go out and get a breath of fresh air.  They both still love going outdoors, especially Justice.  He loves to people watch.  Jasmine can go either way.  She requires more entertaining on our part, which is not a problem.  She’s our little princess (and our prince).






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