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Spicy In Spicy Out

Ever since my nephew Diego introduced us to the YouTube Channel First We Feast (Hot Ones) we have been hooked on watching celebrities eating chicken wings with various levels of hot sauce. The first episode we watched was with Gordon Ramsay, our favorite MasterChef.

Gordon Ramsay

After watching this episode we were on a mission to look for some of the hot sauces on this show. We first checked our local Nuggets Grocery store where they had a few typical on-hand spices. We picked up the El Yucateco Red Habanero Hot Sauce, which was on the show and was around the middle of hotness on the spicy scale. We mixed this sauce with a good chicken wing recipe on This definitely satisfied our hunger for spicy chicken wings. But we wanted more!

Last weekend on our way back from Sonoma we stopped by the Pedrick Produce fruit and vegetable stand of off Highway 80 in Dixon. I remember from past visits they had a wall of just hot sauce. I was praying they still had it and they do! It was like hot sauce heaven!

There was so many to choose from and at the time we did not remember the names of the brands on the show, so we just winged it.  I picked a smokey habanero sauce and Ebru picked a sweet hot sauce.  We tried both that night and it was awesome!  Maybe we were just hungry.  

So we will definitely be back at the Pedrick Produce to choose new hot sauces.  It is worth the trip!  Well, except when it comes time to pay the piper cause as they say, spicy in, spicy out!

We are open for any recommendations!



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