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Our Garden

I really wish I took pictures of what our garden looked like before we did our project clean up. It was pretty bad. For more than a year, no thanks to COVID, our backyard was over grown with weeds and trees, fallen and rotten fruits on the cement and soil, and just a very neglected yard. In the corner of the yard, we couldn’t even walk there due to over grown bushes and just debris all over. It was a sad sight.

I was tired of it and in March found Jason via the Nextdoor app. Within a week he showed up and started to work right away. He slowly chipped away at all the over grown debris. He returned week after week making his way around the backyard until he made the complete perimeter of our yard.

Because I wanted to clean the yard as soon as humanly possible, I would follow behind Jason a day or two later and worked on the little touches that Jason did not have time for.

Once each area of the backyard was cleaned, then we took the time to evaluate the area. Some areas needed replacement furniture, while others we changed completely. During our evaluation, we had the waste company come to our and make extra trips for our oversized garbage. It was such a relief to get rid of the old stuff.

Not only did we replace or add new furniture, but also worked on the landscaping by adding new fruit and vegetable plants and herbs. Added lost soil and added new bark. By the of July, we basically had a new/upgraded backyard.

Now it feels like we are at a vacation resort everyday. Since early June we’ve been enjoying the fruits of our labor. Nothing better than fresh strawberries, garden tomatoes, and mild peppers for a nice breakfast.

We extended the outdoors by bringing technology outside. We added power for our portable TV, added bluetooth stereo speakers, water fountains, bug repellants, and garden lights just to be comfortable while we enjoy the outdoors.

We replaced the fabric around our gazebo because it was completely torn apart.

Lastly, we had Jason fix our leaning fence. Done and Done. If you need a backyard handyman, leave a comment below and I will share Jason’s number.

Finally done!


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