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Happy Easter?

I guess it’s a Happy Easter.  I say I guess because I know that we really didn’t take part of the pre-Easter traditions Catholics normally exercise during this time of the year.  Did I know about? Yes.  Could I have done something about it?  Yes.  However, physically, mentally, and emotionally, I was just not available.

With work and Justice and Jasmine taking over what reserve I have, I had no room to even think about Easter.  Does that make me a bad Christian?  Maybe.  But I am sure that God understands our/my situation this year.  It’d difficult to explain to a nearly 21-month old the rhyme and reason for certain Catholic traditions.

I could have made my sacrifices internally, but to be honest, I am already sacrificing all that I can.  Of all the luxuries that I once enjoyed, I am no longer do that.  One, because I can’t afford it and two, because there is no time for anything else.  Once I am home I am either entertaining, feeding, or consoling one or the other.  Being a Father is a full-time job.  Nevermind about the lack of husbandry duties.

So today, when people are wishing us a Happy Easter, it’s hard for me to be fully involved because I know I left myself out of the loop this year (as well as last year).  I know what it takes to fully participate in Easter and I know I failed in this department.  I hope that next year I will be better about being apart of Easter.  Until then I can only pray to myself and ask for some help from God in caring for our very demanding kids.

I could be waiting for a sign that will never come.  For now, at least I can try to involve Justice and Jasmine in the fun aspects of Easter and that’s collecting Easter eggs.  Here are some pictures of them at the Easter Egg Hunt at Fairytale Town.



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