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Jasmine Speaks!

Jasmine continues to surprise us!  As she approaches 21-months we are noticing some significant changes.  First of all she is more interactive with us and with Justice.  She plays more, has more of an attention span, has a better appetite, and has a great hand grip.

GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip

GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip

When she grows up she will be the kind of girl who you have to look in her eyes when talking to her.  She will require your full attention.  So put the remote down and listen to her.  When she plays she looks for signs that you are fully engaged and will play off of your queues and antics.  She loves food.  When she eats something she likes she’ll actually say, ‘yummmm’ (I think she gets that from us).  And God forbid if you ever try to take something from her hand.  She will take you down with her.  She has a grip like the GI Joe doll.

Even though we watch a lot of TV to keep them entertain and realize that it’s not exactly good for them, most times we don’t have a choice.  We need to get other stuff done around the house and can’t have them following us every moment of the day.  Watching TV has paid off for Jasmine.  In the last few weeks she has learned to say, ‘bird, ball, and Barney’.  She already knows how to say, ‘bye bye Daddy’, ‘no’, and ‘ouch’.  In sign language she knows how to sign that she is thirsty.  She can point to her eyes and know how to pat her head for hat.  This week she learned how to say ‘shoes’ and this morning she finally said ‘Mommy’.  Jasmine speaks!

Justice still has a way to go, but he was the first to crawl, roll over, and walk  :)

Jasmine has come a long way since here first rambling back in February 2010 when she was only 7-months old.

Here is Mommy and Jasmine at Cool Cuts waiting for Justice’s haircut.

Jasmine Cool Cuts

Jasmine Cool Cuts



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