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New Hope

After watching the highlights of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding on CNN yesterday, I felt very happy for them.  Not only for them but for their people and country.  The happiness and joy I saw in the faces of their countrymen was enough for me to believe that there is new hope in the world.

Royal Wedding: William and Kate\’s First Kiss

I may not be an English citizen, but I am a citizen of the world.  All those loyal subjects watching and adoring the Prince and Kate, I am sure, were filled with the same hope and happiness.  As far as what they will do to change the world, that has yet to be seen.  As a citizen of the world, I am intrigued in their future.  Because of their youth and influence, I am hoping it will bring positive change.

God bless them!

Kate and Prince William

Kate and Prince William



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