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Getting Out Before Shelter-in-Place

With COVID still a treat to our world and our community, we have to do everything possible to keep safe. For us it means staying home and when we go out we wear mask and social distance. There are times, however, when we take a chance and leave the house for some fresh air and to get away from all the COVID and political news breaks.

Last weekend, right before the Greater Sacramento shelter-in-place mandates, we were able to visit one of our favorite wineries, that we are member of, Wise Villa Winery. Other than their awesome award winning wine, they have a fabulous onsite Tuscan Style Bistro. The kids love their vanilla gelato and New York Cheese Cake. I tried to make my own cheese cake, but it was no where close to the creaminess at their Bistro.

That’s ok, it gives us an excuse to go there for lunch and pick up our wine member selections. The wine fields have changed to Fall colors, but still beautiful. If you are ever in the Lincoln, California area, I highly recommend this winery. Just make reservations.

With vaccines now shipping to California, at least we have hope that things will return to normal in the next 4-6 months. What the new normal is, remains to be seen. We may have to resort to shelter-in-place activities when it was at its peak, including grocery home deliveries, continuing working from home, distance learning, and everything that will keep us safe and keep the spread of coronavirus down…

God help us all!



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