Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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Praying Hands

Hello God? (Restore)

Since Jasmine and Justice were born I think I have spoken to God more times than I could count on their little fingers and toes.  For now...

3 1/2 Months

Personally Speaking (Restore)

After 3 1/2 months we have come to know Jasmine and Justice personality types. One well known example of personality types is Type A theory. According to this...


Happy 3 Months! (Restore)

Well I wish I could honestly say it has been a happy 3 months.  It’s been more like a tiring 3 months if you ask me.  We are still waiting...

10-Weeks Young

Remember When? (Restore)

Dearest Jasmine and Justice, You are too young to remember this, but just know at 10 weeks old your mom and I had a tough time with...

Justice After Shot

Justice Speaks! (Restore)

Finally Justice’s baby babble has turned into recognizable speech.  At 6 months and 10 days Justice finally said ‘Dada!’.  He repeated it enough times for us to...