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Young YouTubers

Recently, the kids started to watch a lot of YouTube. They use YouTube to help them with video games, to help them build things, and find tips on just about everything. I used to say, ‘Ask Alexa’ or ‘Google it’. Now I say, ‘Look it up on YouTube’.

They have watched so much YouTube, that they are now turning into YouTubers themselves. The first to create and post a video was Sophia. She made her video on making slim. It was pretty cool. Watch below.

Since September 8, 2019 Sophia has made one video a weekend. We hope she continues so she can look back at her work and smile, laugh, or cry lol.

Then Justice was the second to create his account and post his video. See below.

His video was on a Roblox game called Bloxburg Basement Build. He’s gotten very good at building stuff. He loves Roblox! On Saturday, when he lost one of his tooth recently, he asked the Tooth Fairy for Robux Dollars instead of cash. Oh well lol.

Then this past weekend Jasmine created her first video. Hers was on the Roblox game. The point of her video is to show you how to collect 30 candies in the Arctxics Home Store to get the Numnom Chocolate Bar. See below.

She plays Roblox a lot with her good friend Amanda. They do Apple Facetime as they play the game together online. Most times they put Amanda on speaker phone and all four are playing together and acting as a team to find treasures, etc.

They would love it if you could ‘Like’, ‘Comment’, ‘Subscribe’, and click on the notification bell in YouTube.

Here is where you could find them:

Jasmine – aka Crazy Jazzy

Justice – aka Hawaiian Duck

Sophia – aka Sophia Sunshine



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