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Remember When? (Restore)

Dearest Jasmine and Justice,

You are too young to remember this, but just know at 10 weeks old your mom and I had a tough time with you, Justice more so.  Just imagine your poor mom cringing as I leave for work knowing she has the both of you to take care of.

10-Weeks Young

10-Weeks Young

One of you cries and then makes the other cry.  Both of you need attention, but your mom only has two arms.  In our guest room she would rock one of you with her legs on top of a pillow and the other she would hold in her arms.  She would do this for hours on end.

For some reason you guys just would not sleep during the day, at least not easily.  We know you guys are just babies, but you guys had to be held almost all the time.  Jasmine could stay by herself much longer.  Justice would get bored within 10 minutes and would need to be held again.  I guess girls mature faster than boys.

When your mom has had enough, she’d break down and cry.  At that point I’d get a text message on my iPhone saying when I’d be home. I’d know from her text when she’s had a bad day.

Jasmine is more patient and could stand pain a lot better than Justice.  If Jasmine had gas, boom, it was out.  If Justice had gas, the whole world would know, then it would finally come out.  I’m just hoping our neighbors don’t hear, they’d think we’re strangling you or something.  Yes it was and is that loud.

Wednesday are the worse for your mom.  It’s the day that I would attend the Elk Grove Citizen’s Academy.  The 3 hours I was there  seemed like an eternity to her.  She wasn’t a happy camper during this time.  I don’t blame her.

It wasn’t always like this, however.  The best time of the day for you too was the morning, right after you got up and after you got changed.  I swear you guys seemed like the happiest babies on Earth!  The smiles you gave is what I kept with me through out the whole day and it’s what I looked forward to when I got home from work.

People say it will get better.  We have hope that it will.  We’re just taking it a day at a time.  Please be good to your mommy.  She’s worked hard to raise you.

Here you are at 10 weeks.



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