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Our Babies Are Growing

For Justice and Jasmine, they are finally at a good stage of understanding.  Meaning, they understand, yes, no, don’t do that. etc.  Physically, they are way past the crawling stage and can’t get enough of climbing, jumping, and running.  I noticed this weekend, that Justice looks different.  His head appears bigger, as if his big eyes are now growing proportionately to his growing body.  Jasmine is still about an inch or two taller than Justice though…

Jasmine Baby

Jasmine Baby

Sophia on the other hand still needs some catching up to do.  What I can say, however, is that she is growing physically and mentally faster because of her interactions with the twins.  Sophia started crawling and chatting way before the twins did.  Speaking of chatting, in her waking hours she pretty much chats all day.  I remember a video taken at Olive Garden where Jasmine was holding a conversation with me (or herself) and we thought it was so cute. Sophia chats like that everyday, all day!

We believe Sophia will be walking any day now.  She can stand for several seconds on her own without holding anything.  We just have to distract her so she doesn’t know she’s standing lol.

Justice Baby Teeth

Justice Baby Teeth

Another sign that Sophia is growing is that her two front and bottom teeth are growing out.  Sophia’s first tooth came out well before the twins.  Here’s a picture of Justice around the same age of Sophia with his top and bottom teeth.

Sophia is also getting taller, duh.  She barely fits in the washing seat that goes into the kitchen sink.  In the next month or two we’re going to have to wash her in the tub with her siblings.

This is actually a good time for us because Sophia is not totally mobile (except for crawling) and she can’t speak lol.  She can, however, scream her head off quite loudly.  She can communicate when she is hungry, full, or sleepy, which is what we expect at 9 months.

Sophia Pink Rabbit

Sophia Pink Rabbit

We are still waiting for the day that Sophia sleeps through the night. This, she hasn’t outgrown.  She wakes up 3 times or more a night.  I am guessing she hasn’t developed enough to pass gas comfortably. Other than her bodily functions and her teething, we’re not sure what else could be keeping her up.  Sophia is also a light sleeper.

Justice and Jasmine, while twins at birth, are really two different little people.  They have separate likes and dislikes.  Justice, for example is not a foodie like the rest of the family lol. He likes is food plain, soft, and bland. Jasmine has an open mind to try new foods.  Sophia on the other hand, puts everything in her mouth. She’s not picky lol.

Whatever their growth pattern or developments are, we thank God that they are healthy and happy.



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