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Family Adventures During COVID-19

While we are blessed to have a house we call a home, sometimes it’s just nice to leave the house just for the day. We have been cooped up in the home for work and school and during COVID it just becomes mundane.

Before COVID, we had other routines that took us out of the house and into schools, work places, restaurants, retail shops, and all sorts of different places. Now, it’s either my home office, the kids room, the kitchen, or garage, for the most part.

My youngest daughter is very tired of COVID. She wishes COVID was over so we can go back to Maui and go shopping at the ABC Store. The twins are so far ok with it. It means more computer time for them and online play time with their friends.

For me, there is only so much Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney + that I can watch before I go stir crazy. So last weekend, I said enough is enough, we need to get out. I felt Fall in the air and was motivated to go out and kick Summer in the butt!

On Saturday, we headed to Amador County and checked out a winery called, ‘Mediterranean Vineyards’. We saw of their pictures on Facebook and it looked like a nice place to get away.

As you can see from the pictures no one was on a Zoom call or playing Roblox. It was good family time. We had a great time, got some fresh air, and enjoyed the country ride. I’d rather be doing this than mowing the lawn, working on the home WiFi, or modding my truck. While this vineyard had a great view and decent wines, the food selection was just normal, nothing really Mediterranean that really stood out, except for the Tampende.

So to really satisfy our need/want for a great meal and awesome wine, we headed out the Wise Winery in Lincoln on Sunday. It’s been several years since we’ve been there and had a positive experience there. We were not disappointed this second time around. We even became wine club members so we can keep that same experience of their wines at a more consistence pace.

Their food was so delicious! The pictures don’t do them justice. So, when you have awesome food, great award winning wine, a fabulous view, and surrounded by your family, it makes for a really special day. All I can say is that we’ll be back. We have to. Our wine pick up is in December!

COVID or no COVID, we were determined to have our family adventure last weekend.

We ended the day at Bass Pro Shops in Rocklin and of course TJ Maxx.



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