Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

Nispiros Portal - A Dads Diary

The Secret Language of Birthdays 0

About Leos (Restore)

A good blogger friend, ‘Another Maria‘ was kind enough to translate Justice and Jasmine’s horoscope based on their date and time of birth.  Here is the...

Justice 0

Justice Raw! (Restore)

For the last several month Ebru and I have been making a game of what traits Justice and Jasmine have from one of us.  As far...

Praying Hands 0

Hello God? (Restore)

Since Jasmine and Justice were born I think I have spoken to God more times than I could count on their little fingers and toes.  For now...

3 1/2 Months 0

Personally Speaking (Restore)

After 3 1/2 months we have come to know Jasmine and Justice personality types. One well known example of personality types is Type A theory. According to this...

3-Month 0

Happy 3 Months! (Restore)

Well I wish I could honestly say it has been a happy 3 months.  It’s been more like a tiring 3 months if you ask me.  We are still waiting...

10-Weeks Young 0

Remember When? (Restore)

Dearest Jasmine and Justice, You are too young to remember this, but just know at 10 weeks old your mom and I had a tough time with...

Jasmine at Panera 0

New Beginnings (Restore)

Justice and Jasmine are about to hit their 8-month milestone.  I say it’s a milestone because this month has been a month of changes, not because...

Willie Mays 0

Home Run! (Restore)

If there is anyone who loved baseball in our family, it was my grandmother (Lola), RIP.  She loved it with a passion!  She didn’t miss a...