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Meet Tiger

This week a neighborhood cat that has been hanging out in front of our house has finally won our hearts. So we let him in to see what he’d do. We didn’t know what to call him so for now we are calling him ‘Tiger’. I think the name came from one of the neighborhood kids. Per our next door neighbor who works for a vet office, Tiger is neutered.


Tiger appears to be house trained as well. In anticipation of his stay with us I picked up a few basic necessities, cat box, cat litter, food, flea collar, etc. The first night went ok. We let him in most of our rooms. Our first mistake was letting him in our master bedroom. As expected he did jump on our bed and tried to sleep near us lol. The next night we learned our lesson and we closed our door. He took care of himself, I guess like what most cats would do.

We didn’t know exactly what to do the next day when we went to work, so we just left him in the garage, but left his litter box, food and water to keep him comfortable. When we got him, he was fine. He didn’t get into anything that he shouldn’t have. The garage is full of ‘stuff’, car parts, clothes, bags, etc. He was fine.

The next step is to have him checked out by a vet. This way we can see if Tiger is healthy and of course they can check if he’s chipped. If he’s chipped, then we can notify his owner. If not, then I guess we have a new pet.

We’ve never had a cat before. Since they are jumpers, we have to change our habits overall to keep him and us safe. This morning for example, I was preparing his food on the kitchen table and he jumped up on the table. Big no-no for us. It will be a learning period for all of us.

We will try to get some pointers from the vet. If you have anything to share, please let us know in the comments.

Edit – we had to release Tiger cause we is really more of an outdoor cat. He did not like staying in the garage during the day time. He found some hiding place in the shelves and would not get out. When I tried to physically remove him he scratched and bit me. We don’t play that game so bye-bye Tiger. Good luck out there!



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