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An Obama Believer

Just to set the context here.  I am a registered Democrat even though I haven’t always voted Democrat.  Yes, I believe in pro-choice, gay rights, the right to bear arms, etc.  Most of all, I believe in being humane, fair, and just.  Normally, I would also say I believe in using your common sense, but that should be a given.  This is what this election seems to be about, who has the most common sense.  Between Romney and Obama, Obama has demonstrated he has the most common sense of the two.

I may be eating my words if tomorrow’s election goes the other way, but I am a believer in Obama.  While our economy has shown some improvement, I do not blame Obama for lack of results. It’s not for the lack of trying. He has done everything he could do in the time that has had.  He needs another 4 years.  I can’t see living in another Republican world of pro-choice with exceptions, limited gay rights, if any, and every Dick and Jane walking around bearing arms.

I really feel in my gut that things will be worse if Romney becomes President.  I see more spending, higher taxes, and less humanity on the government’s part.  This will impact my bottom line, my ability to take care of my family.  I believe that Obama will really step it up this time around.  He has learned his lessons and he knows that the Nation and the world will be watching with careful eyes.  He knows that the poll numbers are saying a lot about what the people want.  I know he’s going to try harder and it seems the pain point is the economy.

Based on the CNN polls it will be a close race.  I really hope and pray that Obama wins.  I believe in President Obama’s vision for the America.



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  1. nispiros says:

    Congrats to President Obama for another 4 years!