Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.


One main benefit of Facebook is the sharing of photos from friends and family. While trolling FB this week a friend posted pictures of me when I was in college. That was approximately 33 years ago, circa 1986. It was a nice surprise and I was wow’d to see how I looked back then. I had more hair, less weight, but pretty much dressed the same as I do today lol.

Almin on the left and me with the black leather jacket that I loved! But it was definitely a fashion faux pas to leave the detachable fur collar on the side like that lol. But at the time I thought it was cool, plus I didn’t want to loose it should I ever wanted to use it on those cold 90 degree Davis, California nights.

Another thing I notice in this and other older pictures of mine is the soft confidence I had. The pictures I take now-a-days I am more self conscious than confident. I guess it came/comes with age.

Back then my only worries were my next meal, gas, and tuition. Today is the same x3. If I could tell something to my younger self, it would be to study harder and to have set better, higher goals with a plan! I guess I thought I had more time to decide and make a plan. But as everyone knows/knew, except me at the time, life goes on. No regrets.



Just a wanna be blogger. Father of twins +1. Caviar dreams on a McDonald's budget.

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