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Summer Blues

RV Park in SF

RV Park in SF

In another 20 days or so it will officially be Fall. Honestly I can’t wait.  Compared to previous years this past Summer has been mild. I prefer it this way.  Ebru on the other hand will probably miss Summer.  Justice and Jasmine will probably won’t even notice lol.

Things I’ll miss about Summer:

  • Walking around the house in just my boxers
  • Going out to festivals, carnivals, and the beach
  • BBQ’ing outdoors
  • RV’ing in San Francisco
Things I won’t miss about Summer:
  • Washing the cars
  • Mowing the lawn every weekend
  • Sweating as soon as you get into the car
  • High utility bills
Fall happens to be my favorite season.  I like the cooler weather and wearing layers.  Wearing just t-shirts is getting old lol.
What’s your favorite season?


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