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What A Difference A Day Makes

My kids never cease to amaze me.  They learn new things everyday.  Some good, some not so good.  But whether it be good or bad tells us a lot about their personalities.

Jasmine at Jamba Juice

Jasmine at Jamba Juice

For example Jasmine, she is a messy messy girl.  She’s boarder line disgusting sometimes when it comes to eating.  She’ll regurgitate food, then eat it again.  Pick stuff off the floor and eat it.  And if that’s not bad enough, she’ll put food all over her face and hair.  If you ask her to do it, she’ll half listen.  She’ll question you and answer back with her own opinion, which at this point I do not know a single word she’s saying. Jasmine is strong and independent.

Justice has his moments too, but at least he sorta listens.  He knows when he’s done wrong, but his problem is that he doesn’t admit it. He’ll just be angry and in denial.  He’s a pretty good eater at the table, but his enthusiasm sometimes makes him clumsy.  God only knows how many bowls of rice I’ve had to pick up from the floor.  However, when you are not looking he is actually a kind and thoughtful boy.  He shares his toys when Jasmine is sad or he’ll pat your head if your angry.

These last few weeks have been interesting.  They have started to put words together to make coherent sentences.  They say stuff like, ‘owwe hurt’, or ‘shoes, outside, car’.  They have even learned how to make different fluctuations in their voices when they want to emphasize certain emotions. Like if Ebru does something funny Justice will say, ‘Mommmmm Meee’.  As if to say, mommy, you’re silly. When Jasmine wants Justice to give something back she’ll point at him and say, ‘Shhhhaaareee’.  As if to say, tell Justice to share that toy.

Justice at Jamba

Justice at Jamba

Yesterday I measure them and they grew about 2 1/2″ since June.  I guess that’s a lot, I really don’t know. What I do know is that they are now tall enough to reach stuff they are not supposed to.  Stuff like remotes, car keys, cell phone, etc. are no longer safe.  They are also getting smarter.  They now use boxes and furniture to stand on and climb.  They even open lower drawers so they can use it like a ladder to get to higher places.  There is only so much we can child-proof around here.  As much as I want to keep them safe, I still want a nice house that is functional and presentable.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? All I know is that I am physically and emotionally tired.  I can believe how many times I have to get up from my chair to clean up a mess, stop a fight, or change a diaper.  They are just not growing fast enough.  I just hope I’m around long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor.




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