Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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Conversations with Mom

Well, my mom may not be so famous, but her words of wisdom are finally making full circle.  Here are some words of wisdom, which at...

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Be Different

Assuming we get through Judgement Day tomorrow, which is May 21, 2011, then you have an opportunity to be different.  Just the fact that you are...

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If there is one thing that Filipino’s like to, it’s to party.  I remember growing up, it seemed that we had parties every weekend.  My parents...

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Home Run! (Restore)

If there is anyone who loved baseball in our family, it was my grandmother (Lola), RIP.  She loved it with a passion!  She didn’t miss a...

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What Defines You? (Restore)

For the last 45 years I have been trying to answer this question.  So far I haven’t been that successful.  I do, however, know what does not define...

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Know Thyself (Restore)

So far I have talked about lessons from my Dad, Mother, Grandma, and Brothers. This one comes from me. It is lesson that took me a...

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Wear It Well (Restore)

Through out my adulthood I have always tried to keep up with fashion. It was sort of an experiment. There was some styles that were just...

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Pick Your Friends (Restore)

Have you ever heard the saying, “True friends are like diamonds precious but rare. Fake friends are like fall leaves found everywhere.”? It’s true. Mom used...

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Follow Through (Restore)

I know this is easier said than done, but you should always follow through on your commitments. If you say something, then you should do it....