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Think! (Restore)



This is the first in a series of life lessons from the Nispiros Portal. In the future you can see all the lessons by filtering by the category ‘Lessons‘.  This first lesson comes from my dad.

I remember growing up and hearing him say, ‘use your common sense’.   At 5 years old I wasn’t sure what that was, but I guess it was something important cause he kept on saying it.  He said it to me and he said it to my brother, but more to my brother lol.

Now that I’m older than 5, my dad’s advice echos in my everyday life. I use it for everything. Common sense leads my thoughts. For example, at the grocery store common sense tells me I should let the person behind me with 2 items because I have 20 items and it will take longer for me to check out.

At home I should put things back where I got them so other people can find them later. When I take the bus to work I should always give up my seat to older people, handicap, pregnant women, and anyone else who looked like they needed a seat.

It was common sense. It was also an unselfish way to live my life. Having common sense made me more sensitive to people’s intentions. It’s a lesson I hope to pass on some day. Thanks Dad!

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