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Volunteering is Good for the Heart (Restore)



There is something about volunteering that makes you feel good.  While it doesn’t physically do anything good for you, it does put a smile on your face and on others.  Helping those in need will probably warm their hearts and bring some meaning to your own life.

For my own experience, I have volunteering for various activities.  Most have been through school, work, or other organizations.  It’s been a satisfying and humbling experience. Whether it was caroling in hospitals for elder people, encouraging walkers in walk-a-thons, or feeding homeless people in soup kitchens, it’s all been for a good cause.  It’s an experience that can not be taken away from you and it cost you nothing except time, commitment, and love.

There is no financial gratification in voluteering, hence the name volunteer.  You either do it from the heart or you don’t do it at all, it’s that simple.  What you’ll get out of volunteering is an experience and joy that I believe you can take with you in the next life.  How great would that be!

There are many organizations that get you started.  Try this Google search for volunteering.  You can also check your local news station websites for links to volunteer agencies.




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