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Can you hear me now?

Finally, finally, finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  For months I have been thinking, ‘when are Justice and Jasmine going to starting listening and understanding’.  This week my prayers were answered.

The other day Justice was trying to put his riding toy in the family room and for the heck of it I said, ‘Justice, please do not put that toy in here.  Take it outside.’  To my surprise, he picked up his toy, turned it around, and pushed it outside the room.  I was pleasantly shocked.  Even though he can not answer back or acknowledge my request with a ‘yes’ or a nod, he does respond with understanding.  I think after months of routine and listening to my tone of voice, he understands what I am saying.

Out of the two, Justice is a very sensitive.  When we watch movies that have sad scenes he immediately reacts.  If he does something that we are not pleased with and we raise our voice, then he turns around in shame and gets sad.  If we hurt ourselves or feeling down, Justice will be the first to give us a hug or pat our heads.

Jasmine, on the other hand, has selective hearing.  When we ask her to do things, she will do them less than 50% of the time lol.  However, if I say, ‘do you want a spanking?’, then she immediately responds, ‘no!’.  We kind of look at this defiance as a good thing.  For now we see her as someone who does not like to be told what to do.  She has a mind of her own and she likes to take risks.  Even if we say, ‘don’t climb there’, she will do it just to see if she can.  If she gets hurt in the process, it doesn’t seem to bother her as much.

Justice is the opposite.  He is very cautious and conservative in his actions.  If we say, ‘don’t climb there’, he probably won’t especially if he does not feel that it is safe or if there is no way to get back where he came from.  His feet have to be touching the floor before he lets go.  Jasmine will just let go because she is determined and carefree.  We are happy that they are both different.  I can’t image how it would be if there were both at the same extremes.  At least in this case, they balance each other out.

Even though they are not yet speaking in sentences, they are getting better about communicating with us.  Twice in a row Justice came to the family room and grunted and pointed and pulled me to the living room to tell me something.  When I got there the first time there was a pool of water that Jasmine had spilled from her sippy cup.  The second time it was a pile of cracked biscuits on the floor that Jasmine had made lol.

For some reason Jasmine loves to make a mess.  She spills water and jumps in it.  She grabs a handful of rice and throw it in the air.  She takes chocolate and spread it all over her face.  Messy, messy girl!  Lately she’s been taking all her clothes and diapers off and roaming around the house.  Of course Justice copies her and takes off his shirt.  I guess it’s a game to them.  I just hope this is a phase cause the other day Jasmine took all her clothes off and was dancing in the living room while holding on to the screen rail.  God help us.  She’s a little tree huger if you ask me lol.

Justice is very neat in comparison.  At the kitchen table he has been a very good eater (knock on wood).  He uses his spoon to pick up his food out of his bowl and eats big portions at a time.  Sometimes he uses his fingers and other times I feed him when he gets distracted, but in general he is a much better eater than Jasmine.  Jasmine used to be the better eater, but it seems like dinner time is also play time.  We are not sure how to fix this.  Even if we give her food that she likes, she has a short attention span when it comes to eating.

The only thing that does get Jasmine’s attention is Mommy’s milk.  At now over 2 years she has not switched over to the bottle.  Because of her night time feeding she has developed tooth decay on her four front teeth and recently had to get a root canal and caps put on them.  The pictures below are of her right before her surgery last Monday.  She has been in pain on and off since then.  Justice’s teeth are good.  He just has one bottle of Almond milk before going to sleep.

For now we are hoping that their communication skills improve.  The progress we have seen so far as been good.  It will be a short time now when we could have an actual conversation.  I believe Jasmine will be the first to speak a full sentence, but Justice to be the first to reply with understanding lol.

Here are some recent pictures of them.



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