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A Peez of Mind

Pixar Peez

Pixar Peez

Today on the way home I stopped by the market to get some groceries.  As I hurried through the aisles something caught the corner of my eye.  It was Toy StoryPeez of Buzz Light Year, Woody, Jessie, and Slinky.  I figured for $1.99 each I couldn’t go wrong.  By the way, in my excitement to find these Peez toys, I forgot to buy the salad lol.

Just with any new toy Justice and Jasmine were pleasantly surprised, not to mention this was their first Peez toy/candy dispenser.  So far it’s been more than 1/2 hour since I gave them these new toys and no crying yet (knock on wood).  It’s these little pleasures that give me my Peez (peace) of mind.

With this gift of time Ebru is able to complete preparations for dinner and fold the laundry.  I am able to catch up on emails and make this post.  No screaming, no yelling, no fighting.  Except they like the dispensers so much, they want it refilled every 10 minutes lol. Now I just added another expense to our already tight budget.

There used to be a trick in putting in the candy all at one time, but I seem to have forgotten.  Either that or they changed the packaging and it isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Or could be old age.

Right now I hear they taking out and dropping the candy on the floor after I spent 5 minutes trying to put the candy in the stupid thing lol.  Oh well I guess there goes that idea.

What will be the next diversion?  Any ideas?



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