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More Advice From Mom

Advice from Mom

Advice from Mom

For the last couple of weeks I have been getting a nagging feeling from my mom from up above.  In my mind I can hear my mom saying, find someone who helps you.  As usual my mom was vague. What exactly does that mean?  Help me how?  I always assumed that when you are with someone, that both of you will always work towards the greater good of the relationship.  Did she mean someone who will take care of me the way she did?  Did she mean someone who is compassionate as she was?  Did she mean someone who is selfless as she was?  Did she mean someone who help me around the house?

Well, now that I have been on my own for many years now and with my own family, I now understand what she meant, at least I hope so.  She meant everything above and more!  I am lucky to have found someone who helps me, cares for me, loves me, etc.

This message is for Justice, Jasmine, and Sophia.  Once you get past the age of reason and start to date, you will have to read and re-read this post over and over until it is ingrained in your head.  This will make the difference between you being happy or miserable.  While this concept may be complicated, I will put it an easier way.

Be with someone who loves you and takes care of you as we do

While we are not perfect, no one will love you as we do and because of this, we will always want the best for you and would want to know you are with someone who will help you.  Loving you is not enough. Dishes will not clean themselves, bills will not disappear, laundry will not magically be washed, and food will not automatically come out of the microwave.  Hugs and kisses only go so far.  If someone is not helping you, be prepared to do everything yourself.  While you probably can do everything yourself, it will get tiring after awhile.

While it is very Christian to be helpful, to do things so the other person doesn’t have to, there is a point where the other person has to do the same.

So when we ask, is he/she helping you, you will know why.  We don’t want you to suffer in silence as my mom, your grandmother did.

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