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Wonder Twins (Restore)

The fun thing about having twins is that you get to dress them up alike just for kicks. In our case we have a lot of blues and pinks. We also have a lot of matching ‘I love Daddy’ and ‘I love Mommy’ t-shirts. The combination of outfits are almost endless. At our first and last visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we picked up these Super Hero shirts. They came with matching capes lol.

Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins

They are surely Wonder Twins in many ways. Justice and Jasmine are finally starting to interact with one another. In fact, they have started to mimic us and have been able to repeat actions from memory. They really know and understand what is funny and what is not.

For example when they are sitting at the table Jasmine will pull Justice’s t-shirt. She pulls it so hard it falls off his shoulder and Justice laughs knowing that his shirt is half off lol.

Justice on the other hand puts his finger in Jasmine’s mouth. She’ll clamp down on his finger and bit it and Justice will just laugh. Jasmine knows it’s funny and just leaves his finger there. Funny and gross at the same time. Especially if you knew where Justice’s finger has been through out the day.

They also mumble in harmony. They have this thing where they put the back of their hand against their mouths and just move it back and forth as they try to talk. When one does it, the other starts in unison.

They are both sensitive. When Jasmine cries, Justice just looks at us with that look, ‘hey what’s wrong with her?’. When Justice cries, then Jasmine cries too lol. Justice, however, is sensitive if your raise your voice at him or towards him lol. I could raise my voice at our dog Minik and Justice will think you’re mad at him lol.

The fun never ends in our household (or the crying).



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  1. Krazykelzie says:

    How old are they in this picture? :)

  2. In that picture they were about 8-months old :)