Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

Moving Forward

We heard back from our previous web host about the loss of our data and nothing has changed. They confirmed that the data is gone and that someone had accessed our control panel and deleted our data.  Why hackers have to do this, I do not understand.  Why do this to our type of blog is even more confusing.  We are not Microsoft or Apple or any other big company.  We are the small guys.  What’s the challenge in that?!  According the web host the hacker originated from an IP address from Paris, France.  I do not know how true that information is and it doesn’t make a difference and it won’t make our data come back.  From here on out, we are just moving forward.

Thanks for our friend Rafael, he has shared his link to his Google Reader of our past posts – Raf’s Reader on Nispiros Portal.

Justice Sleeping

Justice Sleeping

Back to our originally scheduled program – Justice and Jasmine.  At 20-months they have shown some significant changes.  For Justice he is showing more understanding from shows that he watches and he has a better sense of what we are telling him, especially when we are ‘enforcing’ our values lol.  We have watched Toy Story 3 so many times he has memorized the entire movie.  He flaps his arms when Woody falls down with the kite and does similar actions throughout the rest of the movie.

His sleeping has gotten more consistent which is great!  He pretty much sleeps through the night and takes long naps in the afternoon.  His appetite is unchanged.  He still doesn’t eat meat or fish.  He loves pasta, noddles, and fruits.  He is still on goat’s milk, which is a better and less costly solution than formula.

At the gym and social situations, he does great!  He is very friendly and independent.  We really appreciate that.  The hard part is taking him away from the play environments.

He still doesn’t say too many words.  He knows ‘Dadda’ and ‘No’.  I wish he would say, ‘Mama’,  ‘milk’, ‘sleeping’, or ‘yes’ lol.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is another story.  She has the same understanding as Justice, but it seems more like monkey-see-monkey-do.  When she doesn’t like something we are watching on TV she has a fit.  Sometimes she has a fit for no reason at least not something we can understand.  When we have to ‘enforce’ our values, she is a little better than Justice, but also worse in some cases.  She is very persistent, which is a great trait for an adult.  But for a toddler, it drives us crazy!

Her sleeping habits are slightly better, but far from perfect.  At night time she sleeps for several hours.  She will get up around 3-4AM before she comes to bed with us.  In the afternoon, she only takes power naps.  20 minutes is usually good for her, but bad for Ebru.  Once Jasmine wakes up, then Ebru has to keep her quite so she doesn’t wake up Justice.  This is one of the major challenges of having twins (or more).

Jasmine is a way better eating than Justice.  She loves meat, fish, and just about anything we give her.  She is not as picky as Justice.  We love her for that!  However, she is still on mommy’s milk and will only take the bottle if it is something like Pediasure.  It’s been almost two weeks that Ebru has been trying to get her off her milk.  Jasmine just won’t have it.  We are still researching this issue.

Jasmine Sleeping

Jasmine Sleeping

In social situations Jasmine is very intimated by older kids and is very dependent on us.  At the gym, once we leave her she cries her head off.  She doesn’t like to play with others right away.  It takes her some time to warm up to others and the care takers.

She is more verbal than Justice.  We don’t know what the heck she is saying, but you know she is holding a conversation with someone lol.

Today they had their first dentist checkup.  For Justice he did ok.  He has some plaque, but no teeth decay.  For Jasmine, she will need some follow up work.  Due to her nursing at night, it has taken its toll.  She has tooth decay for her front teeth.  We are currently seeking options to get this fixed.

With the weather warming up we will be spending more time outdoors.  Stay tuned for our next post on Backyard Fun!




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